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Volunteers Needed

Advertising Sales 

Citizen’s Patrol Chair

Citizen’s Patrol Committee Member

Content Creator (Social Media and News)

End of Summer Bash Committee Member

Parks Committee Member



Vice President

Volunteer Coordinator 

Vice President

Below are the responsibilities of the Vice President 

  • Preside at all HOHA meeting in the absence of the HOHA President.
  • Serve as the chair of any Temporary committees developed by the President.
  • Arrange for the audit of the HOHA books when necessary. (usually when a treasurer is elected or appointed)
  • Assist with public relation duties/activities of HOHA.
  • Support HOHA in all its sponsored activities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Term of office will be two years, with the understanding that the Vice-President will move up to President at the conclusion of this time period.


Each Month:

  • Pay all bills and reimbursements for committee members as they become due.
  • Make all deposits.
  • Record PayPal deposits.
  • Reconcile the bank account monthly.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements.
  • Present financials at monthly Board meetings. (second Thursday of each month)

This takes about two hours a month unless it’s picnic month (August) or membership kick-off (August/September/October) plus the monthly meeting about 1 or 1 ½ hours.


  • Prepare budget in August for review and present a final copy in September for Board approval (This takes about 2 hours-there is a template that can be used from last year)
  • Income tax preparation-return is due December 25.  (Currently prepared by Paula as Schleisman Onken & Associates PC)  This can continue unless the new person wants to secure someone else to do it. 

The current treasurer is using Peachtree to maintain the financial records, but it could easily be done on an Excel spreadsheet or another accounting package like QuickBooks.  It would not be necessary to purchase anything new. The current treasurer has a box of past records to share with the next person and will do everything he/she can to make this a smooth transition. Signature cards at the bank (First National Bank) will need to be updated.  

Citizens Patrol Coordinator

Below are the responsibilities of the coordinator.

  1. Recruit new patrollers as needed with HOHA’s help.
  2. Establish annual patrol schedules.
  3. Send patrol reminders each week to the next patrollers.
  4. Recruit volunteer patrollers for special events. (first and last days of school, Halloween, etc)
  5. Attend monthly HOHA General Membership meetings.
  6. Report each month to patrollers and HOHA on the crimes in Harvey Oaks.
  7. Maintain equipment bags, repair or purchases lights, signs, etc.
  8. See that patrollers fill out patrol forms and compile statistics quarterly.
  9. Attend at least one Southwest Precinct meeting (PAC) each quarter of the calendar year.

(Meetings are run by the precinct Captain)

Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols (OCCP)Duties.

  1. Comply with OCCP operating guidelines and safety procedures.
  2. Attend at least one OCCP meeting each quarter of the calendar year.
  3. Provide patrol statistics on a semi-annual basis for the miles driven and the number of patroller hours.
  4. Participate in 2 of 4 precinct/city joint efforts.
  5. Submit to HOHA for payment the annual OCCP dues established by the OCCP Board of Directors.
  6. Schedule member patrollers for required training as and when it is provided by OCCP.
  7. When the patrol has radio equipment, submit any bills for maintenance to HOHA.

Various HOHA Committee Openings

End of Summer Bash/Picnic planning Committee-work with the committee planning this event and help with its implementation.  A new chairpersons will be needed in 2025.  

  • Committee beings meeting in April through September on a monthly basis

Nominating Committee-work with the HOHA executive board in developing candidates for the various openings in the organization.

Fireworks Committee-work with the committee helping to plan and implement this event.

Parks Committee-work with this committee helping to maintain and improve the parks in the neighborhood. 

Golf Classic-work with this committee helping to implement and facilitate this event.