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HOHA display its commitment to the mission and vision in the following ways:

  • Owns and maintains three entrances areas with well-lit signs and landscaping. Pays for insurance and utilities for the area signs, organizes clean-up days for maintenance, and decorates entrances during the holidays.
  • Maintains the ball field, tennis court, and park areas.
  • Organizes various events throughout the year for children, families, and neighbors.
  • Organizes an annual neighborhood Garage Sale and Clean-Up Day to minimize the accumulation of unwanted materials.
  • Maintains and updates a set of ‘Property Guidelines’ to help retain an attractive environment in a competitive real estate market.
  • Maintains a network of local contacts (29 Area Representatives) to provide feedback to the organization and homeowners concerns.
  • Represents the community when the City asks for neighborhood input and builds relationships with city representatives through ongoing communication.
  • Works with homeowners to assist with complaints on snow removal, noise, traffic problems, and building permit issues for adjacent properties.
  • Maintains open communication with the police department to assist with vandalism and other complaints. This has resulted in faster response and assistance in several instances.
  • Operates a weekend Citizen’s Patrol to enhance the safety of the neighborhood. This activity has the strong encouragement of the police department and keeps crime and vandalism down in the neighborhood.
  • Maintains the HOHA website that provides timely news and communications about the neighborhood.
  • Publishes a newsletter to update members on event updates and important issues.
  • Publishes the HOHA neighborhood membership directory on an annual basis.
  • Supports the Harvey Oaks Elementary PTO and scout troops.
  • Supports local athletic activities for baseball, softball, and soccer teams.
  • Maintains relationships with real estate agents to gain support and feedback.