Spring Yard Waste 2022

The 2022 spring yardwaste collection season will be the weeks of May 2 through June 10, 2022. Material collected during these weeks will be collected separately and will be taken to Oma-Gro and composted.

During this period of time yardwaste may be placed in paper yardwaste bags and set out alongside your carts for collection and will not require the yardwaste collection stickers. Please note that bundles of brush require stickers year around.

Yardwaste may be placed in your black lid waste cart at any time of the year. All material in the black lid cart will go to the landfill. The Oma-Gro facility will accept from individuals, yardwaste hauled to them. There is no charge.

Note to those with Special Collection: Excess yardwaste placed in paper yardwaste bags and set out at your special collection location will be disposed with your garbage in the landfill. In order for your excess yardwaste to be composted at this time you must place the paper yardwaste bags out in the regular collection location as your neighbors do.

Most of the year your yardwaste should fit in your waste cart where it will share space with your weekly garbage. We recommend that you put it in the cart loose so you fit the most in. We also recommend that you put a bag of garbage in the cart first (yardwaste alone has a tendency to pack in tight and not fall out).

But what about times when you have more than will fit, like the spring and fall?

For six weeks each spring and six weeks each fall, the City is ready to take on that surge of yardwaste through a separate yardwaste collection contract. You can put your excess yardwaste in the paper yardwaste bags outside of your cart for collection. The paper yardwaste bags may weigh up to 40 pounds. For these 12 weeks each year that yardwaste, as much as you want, will be collected separately and composted!

What if I have excess yardwaste at other times of the year?

The City has a plan for that, too. You can purchase yardwaste stickers for your yardwaste paper bags or properly bundles brush. These stickers are $1.98 each, and every bag or bundle you put out must have its own sticker. Stickers have the year on them and are good for the year issued and the following year. Once again, there is no limit if all your bags are stickered! This stickered yardwaste will be collected with your carted waste.

Oma-Gro will receive self-hauled yardwaste at no charge

The Oma-Gro facility located within the Papillion Creek Water Resource Recovery Plant, 15705 Harlan Lewis Road, Bellevue, is now available as a disposal location for yardwaste from Omaha residents with these requirements and limitations:

Open weekdays, 7AM to 3PM. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and City of Omaha Holidays. Please allow enough time to load or unload your material. (These are the winter hours that are in effect until the growing season.)

All yardwaste material must be equal to the material allowed for collection by the City of Omaha’s collection contractor. (no plastic bags, no stumps, no branches larger than 2 inches in diameter)

Oma-Gro reserves the right to prevent anyone from unloading at the Oma-Gro facility. Customers must stop by the office for permission to unload.