Tips for Recycling

Tips for recycling during the holiday season (and all year long!)

  • Use re-usable shopping bags for your holiday shopping.
  • Recycle wrapping paper in your City of Omaha recycling bin,
  • Recycle your Christmas tree at City of Omaha drop off locations.
  • Re-use your bows, ribbons, gift bags, cut images from cards received for gift tags next year.
  • Wrap packages in re-usable fabric bags tied with ribbon (similar to a pillowcase, you can make these yourself, for a fun holiday craft).
  • If you are hosting a family gathering or holiday party, reduce your waste by not creating it! Limit your waste by using “real” plates, glasses and silverware instead of disposables. You can even take the “One Bag Challenge” from Glad bags.  If you plan to give or receive new electronics during the holiday season, you can recycle your old ones with any of the Trade In and Recycling Programs listed below.

Trade In and Recycling Programs

  • Nebraska Furniture Mart will recycle electronics for free, if you are making a purchase of $199 or more, or you can trade in some of your old electronics for gift cards, scroll down to “Go Green” on this link for more info, Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Recycling Program
  • LifeSpan Technology, located in Omaha at 11213 E Cir, 402-592-2724; LifeSpan is a certified e-Steward, the most stringent third-party certification for electronics recyclers; there is a fee for service.
  • Best Buy Trade-In Program will recycle your appliance or large television for free when you purchase a replacement item, delivered from them (See “haul away”).
  • Cross Training Center, Omaha’s Non-Profit Recycling Center, there is a fee for some electronics recycling services.

For more information, you can contact Kim Sosalla-Bahr, 402-330-2849

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