Do you live in a great neighborhood or what?  Here is another way to get the most out of your membership in the Harvey Oaks Homeowners Association…bring your kids to the annual Spring Candy Hunt.  The event will be held at the south park (on Arbor Street) on Saturday, June 5, at 1:00 pm.  (Don’t...
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Neighborhood Clean-Up Day is Coming, May 8 The City of Omaha (City) will provide a trash truck at the Harvey Oaks Elementary School on Saturday, May 8. The time is 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Trent Bradshaw, event chairman, needs men and women volunteers to work one hour shifts the day of the event. If you would be...
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The Millard North Band March-A-Thon is coming to Harvey Oaks! This parade builds community pride, recruits future band members, and is a favorite activity of band members, band parents, and the Millard North community. As they parade thru the neighborhood, the band will stop and play a “lawn concert” for a small donation. The March-A-Thon...
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HOHA’s Spring Garage Sale is Planned for April 29,30, and May 1 Pending the virus is under control and there is enough interest, the HOHA’s Spring Garage sale will be scheduled for April 29, 30 and May 1. This event is sponsored by HOHA and you must be a current (2021) member of HOHA to...
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